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Blade & Soul's Legendary Weapons are Confirmed
« on: March 03, 2016, 07:36:28 PM »
Blade & Soul Surpasses 2 Million Players

In just a few short weeks of being available in the West, Blade & Soul has already surpassed 2 million players. The martial arts MMO has proven wildly popular in Asia, encouraging NCSoft to announce the game's localization last year. Now,buy Blade and Soul gold on to well enjoy the game. The title finally saw its release last month and the servers were instantly filled up. Many people have already gotten their chance to experience the new free to play game everyone's been talking about, but many more haven't been quite so lucky. To celebrate Blade & Soul's popularity and to keep players interested, NCSoft West has released the title's first content update.

Titled Rising Waters, the patch brings new dungeons and the preseason for the MMO's PvP component. Players will be able to evaluate their skills in a new in-game UI for PvP and begin earning Zen Beans. Details on how PvP will work in Blade & Soul will be released as the preseason draws to a close. As for the PvE side of the game, there's a bit more content. Bloodshade Harbor is a four or six player heroic dungeon where you can take on the Blackram pirates and Admiral Hae Mujin. Nightshade Harbor is a 24 player version of Bloodshade Harbor, offering an easier version of the dungeon where players hold their own against constantly respawning enemies and bosses. The first seven levels of the single player Mushin's Tower instance are also now available as are five new Hongmoon levels.

Blade & Soul's Rising Waters update is now available to download for players to challenge their martial skills in both PvP combat and PvE instances. The in-game store has also been updated with new items for Valentine's Day, with some items only available for a few days. The game's Valentine's Day event is also now live through the 24th. Players can earn roses to transmute a powerful new gem and earn a treasure chest full of goodies.
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