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Best votes in Premier League:
« on: February 07, 2015, 12:16:49 AM »

Best votes in Premier League: Ronaldo crowned KO two recognized of God,Who is the Premier League's best player, this is perhaps the one will always be a controversial topic. According to a report in the daily mirror, and ESPN, according to a survey,air max 1     Ronaldo became a fan voted Premier League player of Portugal in this survey, the Kings even trumped Henry and Ryan Giggs, I wonder if this can be counted as fans gave Cristiano Ronaldo's 30 birthday gift. It is reported that the poll initiated by a market research firm called Usurv which candidate list includes Ronaldo, Eric Cantona, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Bergkamp, Steven Gerrard and Thierry Henry, Ryan Giggs, Alan Shearer, Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira, among others. Results showed Ronaldo got 24% votes ranked, surpassing Henry (18%), Ryan Giggs (13%), Alan Shearer and Eric Cantona (12%), Steven Gerrard (10%), who became fans in the survey voted the Premier League's best player. According to the daily mirror, although only played 6 seasons in the Premier League, but Ronaldo's performances have conquered fans. In 2003, was overjoyed to have 12 million pounds worth of Manchester, in 6 years, he accumulated 292 appearances for United, scoring 118 goals to help United regain the Premier League and Champions League, and in 2008 won the Golden Ball and world footballer of the year. Even in 2009, left Manchester United to join Real Madrid, Ronaldo also left 80 million pounds in the first expensive, all these are obviously overjoyed fans reason to support. However should be noted that the survey might not be able to fully represent the views of most fans, selects only 1000 fans voted in the survey

 but it still reflects to a certain extent cHis brashness. And in the daily mirror 'C whether Luo was the Premier League's best survey, suggest that Ronaldo is Barclays Premier League history the best 58% of the vote, and suggest that Ronaldo was not Premier League the best in 42%. Opinions and I do not know the investigation agreement? Kaka is what? Emotional photos Carolyn burning love.Kaka and Caroline the Golden Boys of countless people sigh of love comes to an end so it is difficult to believe in love, are former lovers parted ways as it seems, but it's as if they had never separated, air max 180    to spend Christmas day, sun-kissed pictures ... ... One does not see like a divorced couple, now Kaka was drying out a love full of photos. Social networking interactive platform on instagram, Kaka photos posted by surprise, "Kaka it is how? "Friends but also a scream. From the beginning as to fall in love, from the aisle together to gain love and turn ... ... Card card Sun out of photos on like is he with Caroline two people of love road recalled, full are is warm and love meaning, card card is soulful of wrote to, "regardless of you went what party

 are has I in behind follow, regardless of you body in where, are has I accompanied by around, you love of people is I of love, common of gods also to we guidelines. "So hot they divorce whispers do not see any one could tell time very much, more like love couples is in deep confession.Indeed Kaka and Caroline after his divorce, between two people and not so "positive" separate, but continues to show love, Christmas card print out photos of him and his ex-wife, Carolyn holding two children, looks natural, Kaka said it was their "family" before Christmas show. A few days later, Kaka and Caroline separately posted the same photos, Kaka sending kisses from behind, and Caroline with a happy face to accept ... ... Look at that lovely, anyone remember just before their divorce? In January, Kaka and Caroline appeared at Miami International Airport with her child, football's Golden boys with books for children, the scene is very warm. Feeling to the depths, by clasping his hands behind Kaka from Caroline, two sweet embrace. This time, Kaka once again, Sun-loving, and friends exclaim "How did Kaka? "Also," said appears to be faking divorce bought the House, the remarried. "Call who's going and who stay with me!


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