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Best official week: KD elect Teague warlords
« on: January 05, 2015, 11:36:41 PM »

Best official week: KD elect Teague warlords in the East for the first time this season. NBA official website announced that the Atlanta Hawks controlled Wei Jiefu-Teague and the Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant got things best player of the year last week. victoria secret online   Last week, Jeff Teague led the Eagles with 3 WINS and 0 losses, he averaged 23.7 points, first Eastern; plus, 8.3 assists and 2.67 steals (both Eastern II). In game 3, Teague's shooting in excess of 50%, and sent out at least 6 assists. On December 31, the Eagles to beat the Knights 109-101, Teague 8 of 13 shots for 23 points, 11 assists, 5 rebounds, and 3 steals. At present, the Eagles with 25 WINS and 8 losses temporary East first, winning 75.8%. Reigning regular season MVP Kevin Durant led the thunder with 2 WINS and 0 losses last week, was defeated by them are Sun and wizards. In game 2, Freddy Adu is averaging 39 points, the League first. Along with 9 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game. He shot up to 55.6% (18-10), ranked eighth in the West. On January 1, Durant in Oklahoma City in overtime to beat the Sun race 13 of 23 shots

 and 12 free throws and scored 44 points. Get something nominated for best player of the last week also include: Joe Johnson, Jimmy Butler, monta Ellis, and deandelie-Jordan, J.J.-Riddick, jiannisi-AMTE holding Compos, Eric-buleidesuo. December's best coach:Handsome love history were undefeated at home. NBA officially released December 2014 Eastern coach of the month award, Eagles coach Mike budenghuoerze and pioneers coach Terry-Strozzi coach of East and West respectively, were elected last month. Under coach budenghuoerze, Eagle record of 25 WINS and 8 losses currently ranked in the top of the Eastern, they achieved a record of 14 WINS and 2 losses in December, in which the main road record is 7 WINS and 1 loss. December 87.5% winning percentage is also their team in the history of the Eagle played a month in case of more than 4 high. Meanwhile, the Eagles finished with 23 WINS 2014, this is achieved since before the new year 1979-80 season of the team up to win. In addition, the Eagles in December, also hit a record of more than one League, in addition to their WINS and winning percentage are led outside the League, points per game (93.6), away wins (tied for first place of the League), using turnovers to score (305), assists (70.4%), three-point shooting (157) and assists

(420) are the League's first. Pioneers in the Strozzi, led by coaches is March, and now they took 26 WINS, with the Warriors tied for League WINS for the first. In December, due to injuries Strozzi has used 6 different sets of starting lineup, but in this case, the Blazers have accomplished record of 13 WINS and 3 losses, this is Portland monthly's second-best record in the history. Strozzi, led by pioneers in December, behind 10 points over the final 5 times to complete reversal, through Overtimes and won all 3 times, road record 7 WINS and 3 losses, was 6 straight WINS at home. Throughout December, the Blazers averaged (104.1), ranked sixth in the League, shot (37.7%), ranked third in the League, averaging rebounds (46.7 per cent) tops, points per game (97.1) came in third place. This is the second Strozzi coach won coach of the month award, the last time in 2013, to receive the award in November, he was also sixth in Blazers history was elected coach of the month award of the coach. Except budenghuoerze and Strozzi zhiwai, other obtained months best coach nominated of coach has: Tom-xibodu (Bull), and Rick-Carlisle (calf), and Steve-Cole (warriors), and more grams-rivers (fast ship), and Jason-Kidd (male deer), and Scott-Brooks (Thunder), and German-Casey (slammed Dragon) and Randy-Whitman (wizards).


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