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Bell and Benzema was annoyed by Madrid
« on: February 06, 2015, 12:55:03 AM »

Bell and Benzema was annoyed by Madrid fans booed does not pass.Bell once again subjected to Real Madrid at the Bernabeu Stadium fans booed. air max 90 hyperfuse        Real Madrid and Sevilla of game for to second half, subsection 46 minutes, Real Madrid obtained counterattack opportunity, ISCO right took ball Hou directly Bigfoot to has right of Bell,, Bell in sidewalks breakthrough extraordinary Hou, with ball to area, meanwhile Benzema with Hermann Hesse also high-speed advance to area, two people are to Bell made to ball of gestures

 but area within of Bell no select points ball to Benzema or kHz plug, himself select has shot, was Sevilla of players block out, Bell himself is staggered fell. Bell missed this opportunity, Bernabeu suddenly sounded bursts of boos, there is no doubt that booing is the Bell. This is not the first time Bell subjected air max classic bw    to boos at the Bernabeu, the last Real Madrid's match against Real Sociedad, with j-Lo Rob Bell shoots subjected to boos after Spain in the men's game does not pass Ronaldo by Real Madrid fans booed. Sport of the world said "Bale at the Bernabeu became hopeless, this Welsh recently because of individualism was criticized by the Bernabeu last week when he was booed by fans, but he did not get to learn, this time two teammates down waiting for opportunities, his team-mate Karim Benzema looked a little angry, squat in the penalty area. This is not the first time Bell had to show their individualism. ”Bell was even Real Madrid fans booed, Ancelotti was even behind Bell, during a pre-game news conference, Ancelotti said:

"in fact, I don't think he's going to care about the boos, I won't. I think he is not worried, he is performing very well, very well, I hope he can take this State maintained. For now, Bell are working hard to help the team. Last season he had a very good performance, you know in the key match in three tournaments he has scored for Real Madrid. This season, he still has a very good play. We did not feel aggrieved about Bell, he did a good job. "In fact Bell in Real Madrid's number was good, apart from the Sevilla game, he played in 73 games at Real Madrid, has sent out 24 assists, which means almost 3 games to 1 assists. Among them, the Bell to Ronaldo's assists was 14, Benzema's assists was 7, while Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema on Bell assists 3 times.


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