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Barcelona Chairman: Lionel Messi is happy at this exploit:
« on: January 15, 2015, 12:33:40 AM »

Barcelona Chairman: Lionel Messi is happy at this exploit: Messi is by no means cancer of civil strife.Even if a 3-1 home victory over nemesis in the last La Liga Atletico Madrid,  zara ankle boots uk   but that still does not cover shrouded in clouds over Barcelona. About Lionel Messi to leave, civil unrest in the dressing room and replaced coach such as rumors, Barcelona responded. Barca President Jaume Bartomeu scoffed at revelations of bad news to the outside world, he said: "Judging from the performances on the field, and you can feel the fun of Macy's. You can see how great is his performance now, his smile shows that he was very happy. We are calm because Messi was brilliant. "For the Club's dressing room strife, Bartomeu said:" in the Barca dressing room

 there is no contradiction. Teams will always be like that kind of thing happen, all relationships are very good but Barcelona, a great atmosphere in the team. People can see first-hand news, I think Barcelona are very United. "" Now, each Barcelona players were very ambitious, very eager to help the team back on track.  zara high heels uk    I hope that we can put the time and effort in supporting the team and the team staff, including coaches and technical officials and so on need your support. Now, halfway through the season, we still have half a season to continue his efforts, we must also use their performances to give something back to the fans. I think that's what Barca fans wanted to do, to every one of the team. Teams have decided to advance President election, made such a decision but also because there has been much exaggerated reports of internal disputes about Barcelona. However, these things talk about it after the end of the season, there is no need to consider these over-the-counter stuff, we need to focus on the Court's performance. ”Has played at Barcelona's France Defender Eric Abidal, as Messi's friends, also recently remarked openly on Lionel Messi never dropped from the team.

 "I know Messi well, he is a man of great wisdom, he will not be pushed down the pit Club and others. His character decides that he will respect others, as he said himself, he is now in Barcelona, but he doesn't know exactly what's going to happen tomorrow. However, that isn't what the sports world program? Yes, I am sure he will play it for Barcelona to retire, I hope he will stay. Barcelona like home to him, he has shown he has the ability to do a lot on the pitch. "Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets told the media after practice Tuesday, he said after beating Atletico Madrid squad has got back on track and said Messi will not leave Barcelona. "Messi is a very down-to-earth person, he is a fantastic player. But as he himself said, he was like everyone else, is a member of the team. His future is up to him to decide, but he said he did not intend to leave, it is very important to us. Despite the Golden Globe awards ceremony, he said, ' you never know what will happen in the future ', but I think it is just routine replies. "Rumours of internal discord, Busquets says:" some people only believe what the media told them, but I think we now have the opportunity to express their views. I would like to say that we only want to unite fans to support us. ”


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