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Barcelona argue that Enrique has not realized that
« on: January 08, 2015, 12:29:26 AM »

Barcelona argue that Enrique has not realized that he should not be treated as in Rome Francesco Totti or treated in Sierra Delta Orellana treat Lionel Messi. victoria secret online   The reality is, Barcelona have such information had not been passed to Enrique basituliyasi who carry out, at least the Club's management and that's how the people within your team. Barcelona players generally felt that Messi is not an easy thing to do but, beyond better relations elsewhere "there is no good way to other" Moreover, Messi was a "good person". Recognized as the best player in the world, Lionel Messi as early as Guardiola on blunt about their grievances. In 2008, Guardiola allowing Messi to participate in that year's Olympic Games in Beijing, which got the gold medal, and also to respect Guardiola added. But one day when Guardiola let him play behind Ibrahimovic's position, Lionel Messi was almost unbearable

 while Ibrahimovic scored 2 goals in the day. There is still time, Lionel Messi in a La Liga match on the bench after missing the train the next day, when the game was away against Real Sociedad. In order to solve the problem, Guardiola brought several captains to discuss countermeasures, events which had subsided. In Vilanova and Martino coaching period, Messi did not appear any problems, but his slump was not accidental. Like someone said, "players of the game reflects his training".Now, in order to quell the latest "Messi" Barcelona Club begins the story as a whole. Everyone will realize, as for Barcelona, there's nothing worse than Macy's angry. Everyone is trying to avoid public wrangling between Enrique and Lionel Messi in case that year Cruyff and Weisweiler and kind of clash between Schuster and Lattke. However, Enrique and Lionel Messi are among the issues on the Court is not limited to, personal relationship between the two seems to be uncomfortable. After all, was on the bench at the Anoeta Stadium can't explain everything. "We will be looking for the best of Lionel Messi, to make every effort to bring him back to his best. "Enrique says in the beginning. But Messi, their families and friends never felt Enrique's sincerity, they fear the worst because Messi is not happy in their eyes. Enrique will publicly speak out today

before the King's Cup at a news conference, he will "have to" explain himself and Lionel Messi all sorts. People around Macy's Enrique's approach to his relationship with the Massey was disappointed. In their eyes, some things are just details but it is very important for Macy's, Macy's has his own reasons for doing things. For example, the Barcelona Corbea in charge of football equipment was fired at the beginning of the season, Argentina national team physiotherapist, Macy's special trust Andy real nor Barca should have respected, responsible for contact with the team and the Club, unable to follow Barcelona March ... ... These outsiders seem little changed Messi on Barcelona's coaching staff and management views, gradually, he even Enrique some members of the coaching staff began turning a blind eye.One veteran player told reporters in Barcelona, Macy's event but it can be solved, and nothing to the outside world. On Monday, Club President baertemeiwu was concerned that the situation is out of control in the worst results of Macy's event the friction lever zoom Club, Club left some positive things are consumed. But on Tuesday, baertemeiwu also believe that things can be resolved. It's hard to say, baertemeiwu to find a solution to the problem would have Messi or Luis Enrique a party completely satisfied, so staff began to recommend President election in 2015, ahead of baertemeiwu, which means the opportunity to reinstate the former President Joan Laporta ahead of the Camp Nou, while baertemeiwu is said to have begun to give serious consideration to that suggestion.


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