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Baqi Bryant: you are all spoiled by me those shots!
« on: January 05, 2015, 11:35:27 PM »

Baqi Bryant: you are all spoiled by me those shots!. Today, Bryant's last-minute hit clutch shots in a row, the key to his winning shots the last few went into, he smiled and said, "remember, I hit a lot of key ball, I think the city of Los Angeles spoiled by me. "The dispute over Carlos Boozer and Hibbert, kebili's team mate," How can I just not understand Union judging (Boozer) it was a flagrant foul, victoria secret bikinis nz  sentenced to a flagrant foul this was shame, I think, can an ordinary foul, perhaps a technical foul, that was similar. But sentenced to a flagrant foul? Oh my God. "Then, Bryant shrugged helplessly ... ..." Pregame Lakers made silence tribute to the famous host Stuart Scott, ESPN. Talk about Stewart's death, Bryant missed: "sports world lost a legend. I hope young, on ESPN's Sports Center, get him in the game featured one or two sentence reviews. "He said, his favorite Stewart's verse is:" hate the game, don't hate the player. "Kobe used to shoot with Stuart chip ads, memories, he smiled and said," was very happy. "Today, the Lakers bench performed well three scored in double figures, Bryant says," they have a lot of energy, very aggressive, trying to attack the penalty area, go to the free throw line, the opportunity to get some easy baskets.

"Today's data about: Bryant shot 8 seconds earlier New York with 12 straight losses?NBA today conducted a total of 6 regular season games, here are some interesting races appeared in the data. Today, with Kobe Bryant 12.4 seconds before the end of the hook shot hit, the Lakers 88-87 victory over the Pacers at home, but it is a pity, Bryant and the other a disgracefully record continues. -To 106-109 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Kobe last 1 second set play out of the box, missed 13 consecutive notes in the fourth quarter or the last 5 seconds of extra time tying or go-ahead score key goals create the longest of his career. November 3, 2005 to December 30, 2006, Bryant had missed 12 consecutive record key. Since 2000-01 since the clutch shots under the same circumstances, Bryant 95-for-25 shooting for 26.3%. In the NBA in rebounding today two of the best young players, and compete today in Detroit, and Demarcus-Brian cousins narrowly (15-14) beat Andre de la Mond, but Pistons beat Kings 114-95. In today's generation players, Drummond (11.2 rebounds per game) and Brian cousins (10.4 rebounds per game) are the only 2 double players in career rebounds per game, ranking third in Nicola-Vucevic averaged 9.9 rebounds per game. After winning the game, the Pistons won 5 consecutive wins for the first time nearly 5 seasons. Last Pistons 5 straight back to December 4, 2009 to 12th. In addition, nearly 5 piston NET win by at least 10 points per game, the last time on November 28, 2007, to December 5. LeBron James out, Carey-Owen played 25 minutes under only 6 points, Kevin Loew finally broke scoring 30 points, but the Cavaliers still 90-109 loss to the Mavericks.

 It was April 14, 2014, after the Braves scored 40 points, the country's single scored 30 for the first time, a total of 33 games, the fastest of his career after the first 150 games, the country's longest games record of scoring less than 30. Today the Knicks with a 82-95 loss to the bucks went 11 straight losses, 1984-85 season from the team's record of longest streak in team history (12 games) by just 1 games. The Knicks next 5 opponents respectively, the Grizzlies, Washington Wizards, rockets, Hornets and bucks. In the heat today with a 88-84 victory over the nets game, Dwyane Wade in the second quarter and missed one free throw with 7 minutes 20 seconds (the whole 9-7), hits stop at 31 free throws in a row, but it is still a career-high. Its previous record was set in February 2012, 27 in a row. This is Kevin Garnett against Miami's 64th game of his career (including playoffs), tying Ben Wallace, the highest in the history of the players against the heat quantity lists 7th place. In today's Sun and the Raptors game, Sun half 70-53 lead eventually to 125-109. It is since April 2010, the Sun and a Division for the first time topped the team (not including tie) game, halftime score 70 points. April 13, 2010, and 53 WINS and 28 losses, ranked top in the Northwest of Denver's game, half the Sun has scored 70 points.


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