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Anta market paced two player endorsements
« on: January 11, 2015, 11:01:12 PM »
Anta market paced two player endorsements. This summer, Rondo would have  victoria secret nz   become a free man. 19th revealed, according to foreign media reports, the Celtics and Rondo deal has been reached between the Mavericks and Dallas sent Wright, Crowder, Nelson and a future first-round and a future second-round to get Rondo. Born in 1986, Rondo is 28 years old, as a 2006 first round 21st overall Rookie, Rondo had played for Celtic for 9 seasons, averaged 11 points and 4.7 rebounds and 8.5 assists per game. It is worth mentioning that, Rondo under the old three giant hand grown, has become one of the giants of the Celtics, and helped the team to the 2008 Championship. Rondo averaged 8.3 points and 7.5 rebounds this season and 10.8 assists, leads the current assists. Anta's star signing, we were surprised to see in the coming season, Rondo will be signing a contract with Anta, another Star-"tall handsome rich" Parsons played for the Mavericks. The stars gathered in the scene, believes could prompt Anta to speed up the pace of two stars endorsing products listed. In NBA All-Star voting in full swing phase, due to changes in voting mechanism this year, our conclusion is hard to speculate about the final lineup. Anta's "strength is priceless" team who can win all star?Expectations that their fans would give us the answer.

 And before all-star break began, Anta launched the all star series. Although there is no Rondo or some other stars all star products, but different forms of the game, Anta still exhibit a 5 series of all star basketball shoe and has been listed in the near future. Prices still remain high quality cost-effective, is not the pursuit of higher-priced Anta do foot work on the scientific and technological content of new products, once again, "strength is priceless," produced "good value" endorsement. Links: vensstnor weisitinuo this season, Memphis effects (against all preconceived notions and set up a new product content) "rebellious" aesthetics of design concepts, always in fashion design from the vensstnor experience the "aesthetics of treason" the essence, "vensstnor spirit" is to create "fashion expert, aesthetic consultant" to meet contemporary women's fashion, freedom, independence, individual needs. Launch show Stadium inspired by full force-filled Boxing movement. The show layout, led to us vensstnor the layout is like arriving in a clubhouse atmosphere, reshape the British style of representative power device. Let show the stadium immediately turned into sweaty sexy sports women athletes, deductive alternative brands of luxury style. Vensstnor-girl is a dark force, female models dressed in characteristic fashion catwalks, throughout the spring and summer show people seemed to experience a color art tour brought Shaheen fantasy fun spring fashion

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