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Aeration Frank Lampard and then Manchester
« on: January 05, 2015, 11:41:11 PM »

Aeration Frank Lampard and then Manchester City 1-year contract extension does not go to the United States next summer to Manchester City retired,zara knitwear uk      just enter the 2015 on the first day, Manchester City's official website soon announced the news of Frank Lampard to lease six months, everything was like would have made good as, blue moon rise step by step implement their plans. However, that news came out, but deeply shook the Chelsea fans, this means that Lampard will also be in the title race this season on the road for Manchester City contributed, with their only rivals Chelsea broke off a broken wrist. Today, Frank Lampard's contract has become a mystery, available from Twitter, and reporter questioned Frank Lampard, who initially was signed the contract with? Was signed by Manchester City or New York City? Or rather, what effect is on loan from Manchester City to New York City, still on loan from New York City back to Manchester City? Some British media journalist and United States counterparts

have been speculated on Twitter: Frank wasn't initially joined on a free transfer this summer in New York City, but Manchester City? So in other words, blue moon was signed and he signed a one-year contract? But a conspiracy of January had to leave to go to New York City. This city is the removal of this agreement without success to Frank Lampard to stay to the end of the season? Of course, it's just journalists speculating, zara shoes uk     but today from the British media, the daily star's message is disclosed, fiery Frank Lampard, will probably continue to play for Manchester City for a season, that is to say, the Chelsea playing for Manchester City in two years!The Daily Star newspaper revelations, before Frank Lampard and Manchester City to discuss a contract extension, the new contract would allow Lampard's employment relationship with Manchester City lasted until the summer of 2016, by which time Lampard 38 years old

"magic lamp" under serious consideration at that time whether or not to retire officially hanging up his boots. The reported while revealed, this of renewal negotiations is in Manchester City coach Pellegrini of requirements Xia carried out and for of, peishuai for has 36 age "senior" Lampard State of keep is has confidence, he hopes in team medium-and long-term has a bit, like Lampard such experience rich, and can levy fighting of midfielder veteran, he on like side banner as, also can incentive young players of growth. However, this means that Lampard will no longer go to United States Major League Soccer force, or already had been settled in New York City before joining the Club. As regards salary, Lampard and Manchester City contract is likely to slash the current weekly earnings of up to 190,000 pounds, according to the daily star, in terms of salary, for Manuel Pellegrini's side is not a problem.


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