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Adidas Nike ecosystem "fashion style"
« on: January 09, 2015, 11:40:21 PM »

Adidas Nike ecosystem "fashion style". fiscal year 2014, Nike's total sales of $ 27.79 billion, net income of $ 2.69 billion last year, up 9.29%. 2014 earnings, adidas, victoria secret swimwear nz   focused the lululemon yoga, has the north face remains Nike's traditional rivals such as VF group. In store video consumers it is, too much to win a similar competitor of Nike. Nike, the genius of the Department is focused not only on the selling price of the product, but to create an ecosystem, including: celebrity endorsers, high value added products, based on the spirit of sport and physical education marketing, leading the popularity of cross-border cooperation, and social networks. And Nike's area extends into every corner of their 2014 sports products in addition to the traditional, and a road running shoe, issued in September

Nike women women integrate the original product line, proposed for the first time into "lifestyle" category, while in December and re-enable the ACG (all condition gear) brands into the outdoor market. China's share in Nike's global sales is not large, this is to a large extent because of the lack of sports culture. This market seen as a education and sporting ways of earning a living, rather than a personal part of your life. But at the same time, Nike and adidas is the first garment enterprises to expand in China, which is why sportswear first became mainstream fashion in the streets. Today, these sports-equipment maker faced gap, UNIQLO and more local sports competition, adidas and Nike are showing a very different strategy. Adidas tend to "fashion style", and Yohji Yamamoto, and Stella McCartneyTo launch a joint brand, select non-athletes such as Eason Chan as a spokesman, which once worked in the Chinese market: it makes younger consumers think adidas is representative of fashion-don't forget the market cares more about "nice"

 and degree of professionalism rather than equipment. But the idea has been challenged after the Nike flyknit. In China, Nike has always been based on the sports culture and the school work together, and reputation are not necessarily linked. Until Nike began sponsoring College night running, night running safety of fluorescent color is young people think it's pretty cool, and gradually turned into "this and previous school, running completely different" concept, under the Nike + community-driven, running in groups of young people, popular, and gradually spread to human populations. Trend driven by Nike's products are more and more people are familiar with-the attention, non-activists. When they are curious when I walked into the Nike flagship store, the company's business began. In store video consumers it is, too much to win a similar competitor of Nike.


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