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Abnormal strong! United Super God stunned
« on: December 15, 2014, 01:33:37 AM »
Abnormal strong! United Super God stunned Real Madrid dream all over the world green with envy.A pair of Red will, the thought that two United Kingdom the glory shine team in football history, fans around the world will be offering a Mars crashed into Earth's collision, but the ultimate outcome is Manchester United beat Liverpool 3-0. Liverpool's relentless offensive, Savior or David at Old Trafford tonight! nike free trainer 5.0 schuhe     The Manchester United goalkeeper with an almost BUG-level excellent play helped Manchester United win over arch-rivals Liverpool. In fact, during the match against Manchester United this season, David seems to be most stable part of the team, tonight's pair of Red is no exception,  nike free haven 3.0 herren     Spain's performance began with the 11 minutes of the first half: Lalana cut inside from the left and pass straight through the United defence, Stirling 5 meter shot in front of the ball is firmly blocked by David!

 Can be seen from playback in slow motion, Spain people in Stirling before shooting to make the anticipation, will be the perfect combination of goal-line technology and the ability to anticipate most vividly. And that's just the beginning of David amazed the whole audience. The first 22 minutes, nike free 3.0 v2 damen     Stirling to Lalana passes around Phil Jones shot near post, hang open David fought to bring the ball out and hit the post. This ball the Spaniard once again shows his amazing speed and Stirling has once again become a witness of United's keeper fantastic. The next 50thMinutes, Evans backcourt play with fire balls were Sterling tackling, in one case, Sterling has already had rounded de GEA, but somehow it is afraid that de GEA's powerful aura, and Liverpool striker shot but they balked when needed, ultimately the single once again shut from David de GEA ... ... Stirling after the ball out as if they did not wake up to, Spain the country's third successive victory over the England star. About the same time, names are written on Twitter geaofu-Thomas shouted: nike free 4.0 v3 herren schwarz      "Stirling's confidence was completely destroyed, the handle on the ball he wasn't good enough for top players. "David Elder of Manchester United and Denmark goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel was:" David ... ... Genius!! "With Sterling gradually subsided, the Red Army by the second half of Mario Balotelli took his gun, but David de GEA with a harsh reality to tell the Liverpool attack group--my line, I call the shots! 66th, 81 and 84 minutes to BA God singled out David defeated all three times. The first time, Spain men clawed Balotelli blast shot out of the beam. Schmeichel's first time to exclaim: "and David de GEA!

 It was clear that he was the best player on the field today. "The second and third, David de GEA made consecutive saves. After a failed shooting attempt on several occasions, emulative BA God began reluctantly shook his head in dismay. As the camera sweeps when Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish, his focus has been on full sluggish. 3Minutes after the stoppage, referee Martin Atkinson had ended the "David show".  nike free 5.0 v4 damen     Spain goalkeeper for the first time has loudly advocated, roars, and his teammates came to congratulate him. Tonight, David did it all not just the goal-line, also has become the Red Devils the team's spiritual leader. Look at Manchester United all three goals, Rooney's opener from David de GEA singled out directly after the victory against sterling for the first time, the second goal just 10 minutes away from his second win over Stirling, and third balls rescued Pakistan from the Spanish God will fight back after a goal. In other words, every time after David de GEA made class saves, his teammates seem to like playing chicken in front out of the sky, apparently David God tier play, gives his teammates a great encouragement and confidence.


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