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73-year old Knicks fan recommendations
« on: February 09, 2015, 06:52:53 PM »

73-year old Knicks fan recommendations annoy boss: support the nets go.According to the ESPN report, the New York Knicks this season poorly, a 73-year-old fans to the team owner James Dolan sent a message some comments, I did not expect, Dolan was replying to a message "to support basket of Internet cafes,  converse pro star     the Knicks don't need you." The Knicks this season so bad, now has 10 wins and 41 losses ranked first in the East last season, and team with the worst record in the League. Hitting it at a dismal results, fans will inevitably have a problem. A few days ago, a man named Owen-Bilman fan to Knicks owner James Dolan wrote an e-mail, and Dolan replies to this email and gets Bilman to support the nets in a message, also used personal attacks in the form of rage Bilman. Several days ago, a Madison Square Garden Arena insider told ESPN

 this email does Dolan himself to reply. "You got everything your father, then I think you have done a wonderful thing. However, after that, you will begin to decline. You all about Isiah Thomas did was not that good. Phil Jackson was a positive start, but the lowball Steve Cole is a womens converse all star     disgrace to the Knicks. Now is the most basic, you interfere with the team. "Bilman said in an email. "As a concerned the Knicks more than 60 years old, I am the way you handled the Knicks feel very ashamed. Selling the team, so that fans can at least look forward to the team moving in the right direction. Obviously, money is not the only problem, you do a lot of stupid business decisions, don't continue. "Bilman added.Obviously, Bilman message hurt Dolan, Dolan said in reply Biermann himself as "a sad people." "Why would anyone write a nasty letter. Although I am only guessing, but I bet your life is a mess, you're a nasty spray. "Dolan wrote in a letter,"

 what did you do to make people feel positive about things? I bet you don't. In fact, I'll bet, and any negative energy can be transmitted through contact with you. Your family may feel the pain, you might be an alcoholic. I just celebrated my own 21-year anniversary of sobriety, maybe you should give it a try. Perhaps this will help you to become a likeable person. In addition, began to support the basket bar because the Knicks don't need you. Sincerely, zhanmusiduolan. "Dolan wrote in the letter. Bilman Dolan's letter very seriously, but he made clear that he would not support the nets in a telephone interview. Bilman was 73 years old, he began to support the Knicks since 1952. Bilman said, write your own message that says because you can't bear to watch the Knicks really works: "I think I've had enough. "Bilman son, Aron-Bilman said:" at first we thought, also many LAN admitted he made some mistakes. But, on the contrary, he proved that some fans think the worst of it. ”


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