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63 million, 8-iron, 5 errors harden go attacking
« on: January 11, 2015, 11:10:25 PM »

63 million, 8-iron, 5 errors harden go attacking defense to him. today, the Houston Rockets return home against the Utah Jazz, victoria secret outlet    this is the second time this season the two teams against each other. First leg win rocket by 97-82 win of this field. Ariza, Trevor-Trevor Ariza of the last hand warmer, the field despite feeling down, but succeeded in limiting the Gordon Hayward. The audience, Ariza was 3 of 9 shots, including three-point shooting 5-for-2, penalty shot 2-for-2, scored 10 points and 3 assists, 5 steals. Both in the first leg on October 30, 2014, the rockets won 104-93 in Salt Lake City. Ariza was at that time still in the old master's "reunion", 7 from 4 finished with 20 points and 5 rebounds, in his limited sea only 3 of 11 shots ward. After the match, Terri regrets let Trevor Ariza gets too many vacancies-Berkshire, Trevor Ariza, believes defense laid the groundwork.

 Trevor Ariza had not expected, want to regain State in the first round, he has to wait for such a long time. Period, he had 27 consecutive games hit rate of less than 50% until you beat the Knicks last scored 18 points, 10-6. After the game, Ariza was impressed: "I don't feel tired, this shot is good I am very happy and hope to continue. "This fight again Sir, the game renders the anxious at the start. Jazz 13 WINS and 24 losses before the game, but for the last 12 games to win 7 games, also had previously won away from home to Charlotte and bull, in Oklahoma City only lost 5 points yesterday. The youth team that relied on defense, nearly 12, and jazz is averaging only rival was 92.5 points, highest League first. While the jazz will showcase recent advances in defense in the first half. Rockets opening attack inside, but unlike the first leg is that Rudy Gerber replaced Ernest-Kantor, effective defense on Dwight Howard half Wow only 4 points in a 5-for-2 (the game is also only 8 points and 8 rebounds). Inside not open, three-pointers and delays in opening, faltering caused the rocket to trench warfare. Rockets are still able to win, generate Jazz up to 31 turnovers on Defense (the worst of the season)

 takes this finished with 38 points, second by Midway through the third quarter to pick up three points, Ariza has done. The defensive end, Trevor Ariza again nearly 3 of Hayward had 23 points per game to eat flat, which the audience only 2 of 10 shots, and there were no less than 5 turnovers. Ariza shadow defense Hayward off-putting, even once in the first half of Hayward seat-ball breakthrough, but Ariza is placed directly on the ground. Rocket game out of the 16 steals, Trevor Ariza will have 5 times, ranking first in the team, from the single game record this season (6 times, January 3 against Miami) is only 1. In the third quarter, 6 minutes 52 seconds to 5 minutes and 43 seconds, less than a minute, James-James Harden, Patrick Beverley and Trevor Ariza "three Musketeers" making subtle tie, even in the 3 three-will score instant widening to 14 points, also called the turning point. Corey Brewer on December 22, since the play's 11 games, Ariza just 1 games playing time of 40 minutes, nearly 6 more than 30 minutes only 1 yard, this is also only 28 minutes. But playing time reduced, Ariza has not discounted, this is exactly what the rockets would like to see.


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