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27 the first disgrace! Manchester United
« on: January 11, 2015, 11:23:05 PM »

27 the first disgrace! Manchester United themselves weird practice to perfectionism.Already accustomed to the remnant campaign led by Louis van Gaal, zara ankle boots uk   uow only a wounded Ashley young Manchester United team's situation can be said a very extravagant happiness, luxury to Falco, gunuzhayi and other lists of great attacking players into the game. Seen from the historical record, United against Southampton with absolute strength, nearly 10 times against the Saints, the reds 8-2 unbeaten, only two draws last season Moyes also contributed, plus Manchester United has 5 consecutive home, making the game seemingly had little suspense. But what is the case in this situation is excellent, Manchester United ruthlessly struck a blow by opponents, Louis van Gaal and Ronald-Koeman apprentice showdown also ended with "before the waves being made on the beach" ended.

Last time Southampton Manchester United win dates back to 1988, that is to say, this was their first in 27 years at Old Trafford to take the three points at the same time, which is why they beat the reds for the second time in nearly 45 years. Manchester United, after 9 consecutive unbeaten at home, and 5 consecutive home proud momentum was halted. In the standings, Manchester United were ahead of Southampton which fell to four, and only 1 more point than fifth place arsenal, ranked top three or even aimed at Manchester City before Chelsea's superiority disappeared, congestion on Champions   zara high heels uk      League qualification. Recall defeat in this game, van Gaal is very neat in personnel cases discharged again repeated criticism of a 352 formation, which prompted fans to think again: 352 really fits today's Manchester United? Louis van Gaal has said previously assumed 352The main cause is based on injuries, made the compromise policy, but today Manchester United only got 1 of the wounded, the squad has had plenty of manpower changed, but van Gaal remained resolute in 352, and eventually lost the game, somewhat "stew" is meant. In fact, even in spite of a 10 game unbeaten, questions about pushing van jiaerqiang 352 and accusations have not stopped, simply because David was playing God God tier play and Manchester United's record, that everything is covered up, these issues more clearly exposed in front of us, van Gaal and Manchester United for the 352 too rigid? 3-back system allows the United defence faces enormous risks. Van Gaal followed come 3-5-2 from the tournament are switching from on paper seems to be a Manchester United player features were well matched, but when they migrated to Manchester United, has been the phenomenon of not agreeing with it. The Manchester United central defender, whether it's Chris, Phil Jones is aiwensibulaikete and so cannot become a reassuring defense core, even in Manchester United Netherlands England vlaar DF as stable as the central defender didn't get, thus strongly 3 Defender risk imaginable. Removal of Defense outside the player's ability

the Manchester United Centre-half also used 4 Defender playing for years, so want to adapt to and understand the 3-back system, the time cost is relatively high, in attack and defense very fast Premier League Manchester United 3 defender system has not achieved the best results are reasonable. And tonight face Southampton in the first world war, 352Defense compared to the risks of the system, its on the offensive end against Manchester United is more caught people off guard. First of all, United several guards when faced with a massed defence, which several people's footwork is slightly rough, especially the lack of cross, which became known as wing-back role in the attack. Second, I mentioned before in a small part of the tie break precisely the strengths of di Maria, but di Maria forced to cut inside more in the 3-5-2, so as to make space for the wing-back behind results Argentina demon wings are not that good in his position could not play its due role. If di Maria injured during van Gaal insisted on using 3-5-2 and understandable, with di Maria's return, van Gaal still stubbornly refuse to offensive tactics of tailor-made for di Maria, not wasting the biggest signings of the team's strength. The end result is that allowing United pour forward in attack, particularly road amassed troops, Carrick, as well as three guards took turns pressing coordination team on the goal line, but the effect is wide open attacking single, the Middle match but Defense personnel intensive. Because the offense put Troyes can only take the form of high closing after conceding to slow each other's back, landed positions in an orderly manner and no time on defense, but attacking player in attack is no threat to each other would not be able to produce enough diversion, once high closing it, it will enable the defensive trio to face each other in the impact of a large number of offensive players. Defeat in this game can be said to be the embodiment of this problem. Early Manchester United earlier in the season when you do poorly, 352Under United Kingdom media questions once in the Netherlands national team as van Gaal teaching assistants Kluivert has said publicly: "Netherlands team 352 is no way, j. Stroman's injury before the team for the game, did not know why Louis van Gaal insisted the play. "Coincidentally, Manchester United legend Paul Scholes also questioned van Gaal 3-5-2 team play, he said:" over the past 20 years, Manchester United have been playing 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1, which is the fundamental teams get good grades. Van Gaal may 3-5-2 too hooked. "And now, has entered the second half of the season, Manchester United's injury situation has improved, and van Gaal is willing to consider back to 4-back then?


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