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18 Crown + Guo ping decade main force!
« on: December 23, 2014, 12:52:40 AM »
18 Crown + Guo ping decade main force! Olympic triple Asian Wang Hao is great enoughWang retired! As a first in the history of world table tennis to draw straight horizontal as the first agent who won 18 world titles, three Olympic Games two gold and three silver, Guo ping decade main, nike free 3.0 v3 womens      all this concentrated in one person when he was called on one of the greatest athletes in the history of the world table tennis! In 2001, the 18-year old Wang Hao in the National Games flourish, PLA team won the men's team title set again. People were surprised to find his game is different: as a straight player, his backhand completely block is completely opposite to "straight horizontal pull" or "straight horizontal play", womens nike free 3.0 v2     which is never in the past. Liu guoliang, who in the past used the straight horizontal technology, assistive technology, mainly to backhand block. Wang was the first to draw straight horizontal as the main technologies of high level players, from then on, the "straight horizontal pull" became one of his labels and symbols.

Was to catch up with the international table tennis Federation's "ball to ball", "the 11-score system" and "serves no shelter" and other reforms, which led to a Grand Slam Winner Liu guoliang retired. Wang Hao appeared in rightly to fill up vacancies in Liu guoliang, Guo ping besides Marlene another straight masters. In 2003, the imposing Golden Wang participated in the championship game for the first time, nike air presto shoes for sale   he cooperated and Kong Linghui won the men's doubles runners-up, but unexpectedly lost in the singles competition Austria veteran Chen Weixing missed the quarter-finals. This has not stopped Wang's feet, but momentum grew stronger: later that year won the final singles title, world table tennis championship team final in Doha next year, King of haoshou Fuzhi capsule defeated Boer, China won the set again, and laid the basis for participation in the Athens Olympic Games. Hardest hit is the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, nike air relentless 2 mens      all the way into final opponent was Wang Hao in the final six times beaten by Ryu Seung-Min of his pre-race gold medal generally believed that Wang Hao is a sure thing. Nobody can imagine that beat Ryu Seung-Min in the special, and totally excelled, but Wang Hao beat stiff

 did not fully realize their level and finally regretfully lost. This defeat Wang Hao became the object of public condemnation after returning home, accuse, attack, abuse have besieged Wang Hao. Which makes him somewhat down, haven't come around in a long time, the Shanghai world table tennis championships for the second year, near his home in 0-4 lost to Metz missed the singles quarterfinals. Although he and Kong Linghui won the doubles title, but this is no consolation to his wounded heart. Real team come out of the shadows is the world table tennis championships in Bremen, 2006, Wang Hao in service again on the world table tennis championships, nike flex experience rn mens   beat Wu Shang-yin in the team final, started the first attraction for Chinese team, once again proved his strength, then he beat Ma Lin to win the Doha Asian Games men's Singles Champion, cemented its place in the Guo ping the absolute main. In 2007, Wang Hao won the World Cup singles champion, achieved his dream singles world champion. When Wang Hao has fully matured, reassuring team, singles for Celera. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, his first set and reek Orchha Rove in the men's team final, again started the first attraction for Chinese team, for the gold medal set again. But in the singles final, he lost to teammate Ma Lin, once again won the silver medal.


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