Author Topic: 172 million! Who can afford to buy Lionel Messi?  (Read 216 times)

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172 million! Who can afford to buy Lionel Messi?
« on: January 09, 2015, 11:41:48 PM »

172 million! Who can afford to buy Lionel Messi? Only Manchester United Real Madrid. recent contradiction between Messi and Barcelona coach Enrique was hugely magnified,  victoria secret bikinis nz   rumours about Lionel Messi to leave Barca is also one after another. Despite Messi's willingness to leave Barcelona and Barcelona does sold Messi problems aside, Messi game today really have a team can afford the huge transfer fees please? From the United Kingdom Sheffield Hallam University's financial experts will give the answer: Real Madrid and Manchester United! Reports from the BBC noted that the Sheffield Hallam University financial expert Robert Wilson to buy Macy's total cost analyses, Macy's current valuation could hit a staggering 1.7.2 billion pounds, is the most expensive in world football player, it's better than the second Ronaldo's nearly 70 million pounds valuation. Taking into account the existing policy of UEFA's financial fair, Wilson believes, does not violate the premise of fiscal equity

 only has the ability to complete the Macy's move to Real Madrid and Manchester United. Wilson said: "taking into account the Club's earnings and expenditures, only Manchester United and Real Madrid can afford these expensive transfer fees, in fact even if Messi's salary costs, which may violate the equality of public finance policy. Messi's contract will not expire until 2019, unless Macy's is completely wanted to leave the team, otherwise why Barcelona want to sell him? "Economic expert of analysis pointed out that, except United and Real Madrid, actually Chelsea, and Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, team also has financial to completed Messi of trading, but these team to face financial fair policy of stern punishment, in existing of financial fair policy Xia, if three years within of financial deficit over 23.5 million pounds, so on will face Europe AFC of punishment, Shang season this a provides digital relaxed to has 45 million pounds

 but even so, Manchester City and Paris also is was penalty has 49 million pounds. Financial equity policy limits each team to a certain extent crazy signings in the transfer market.By analyzing the data, if not contrary to the premise of fair finance, only real Madrid and Manchester United have room to complete transactions with Messi. Wilson pointed out: "only consider the factor of money, Chelsea, Manchester City, Paris and Munich jog, but whether they are willing to bear the serious consequences of this deal is another matter. Many people thought that UEFA's financial fair policy would not be treated too seriously, but in fact they act very strict. ”


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