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1 billion! Paris behind the scenes big brother
« on: December 20, 2014, 01:03:04 AM »

1 billion! Paris behind the scenes big brother out Premiership Giants have money again wayward.May 31, 2011, this day is a special day for Paris Saint-Germain Football Club. On that day, Qatar Investment Authority officially completed the acquisition of Paris Saint Germain club.  adidas rose 773 2 for sale       Qatar men after Paris Saint-Germain, the club founded in 1970 from the middle reaches of the Club became French champions the most powerful competitors. Ezequiel Lavezzi, and Thiago Silva, and the arrival of players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic let France capital Club become French champions for two consecutive years, in the UEFA Champions League is also showing sheer competitiveness. Buy Paris Saint-Germain's success has made Qatar one didn't want to stop in their tracks, Qatar Sports Minister-Nasser-aerali made clear in an interview with the associated press in a recent Qatar Government intends to buy a Premier League club. Aerali are even more revealing are some Premier League clubs before the Qatar Government has approached, and he says, "some of them are very good opportunities.

 "Qatar Sports Minister reaction if his country could have a Barclays Premier League club's question:" Yes, of course. From my personal point of view, I really like the Barclays Premier League. When I was a young man, and I had some team's jerseys. I don't want to tell which team you are, I remember I once said after a arsenal fan was not happy. In fact I like the Spurs, I have two pieces of their shirts. "Recently, nike barkley posite max for sale   including the daily mirror and the Sun newspaper in England, the media have revealed that Qatar Government's intention of buying 1 billion pounds worth of Tottenham Hotspur. The daily mail said to promote Qatar 2022World Cup, Qatar Government to buy a Premier League club as a platform for propaganda, and this team is Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham currently poorly, only ranks 7th in the Premier League. The team owner Lewis and Chairman, Levi also because foreign aid disadvantaged to become fans loathed and objects, but they also kept contacts with overseas consortiums to work together. If Qatar over Tottenham, Tottenham might be able to grow up to be another Premier League title favourites. At that time, from Qatar who controlled the Spurs and U.A.E. Abu Dhabi capital city room's "Eastern Derby" might become the Premier League fans battle not to be missed. Qatar Sports Minister-Nasser-aerali in an interview said that she wants to be the owner of a Premier League club:  nike lebron 11 discount   "of course, I am 100% to determine this, but this is very challenging. I don't know if I will become the focus of public attention, especially the United Kingdom League, because you will always be under pressure. "" In Qatar, we were very, very receptive to something new and then make it better. We're going to make it go further, even if it is good enough, we can make it a layer of higher level. Don't forget Paris Saint-Germain, before we entered, but there are 20Years for not winning the title.

 Out of respect for traditional cultures, we can understand the concern about foreign investment, is true for any investment. In the area of real estate, we have a wealth of experience in England, we understand people's concerns and their expectations, and we are learning. I don't think we're going to stop, we just need to continue to look for new opportunities. In the Premier League and the next stationcheap nike kd 5 for sale    would certainly now U.A.E. Abu Dhabi are already there with the Club, of course, it will become our Qatar best activity center. "Despite the aerali of Qatar into the Premier League with a positive and optimistic attitude, but UEFA rules but is likely to block Qatar successfully bid for the premiership. cheap nike foamposites  Under UEFA rules, the same owner cannot have two teams compete in Europe. If Qatar against this provision limits forced acquisition of Tottenham and its resulting in Paris and once Tottenham qualified for the Champions League or Europa League case, UEFA will only allow 1 teams in the competition. Point maybe a hope in the Premier League of ambitious plans and Qatar is a thorny issue for people. Clearly, the current Paris Saint-Germain's good operation do not allow Qatar to easily choose to divest in Paris.


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