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"No" high heels: fashion grandstanding
« on: October 30, 2014, 08:22:53 PM »
"No" high heels: fashion grandstanding, to cater to the fashion needs of the people, an endless stream of unique high heel in recent air max wright deutschland      Heel high heels souls, nike air max tn kaufen    is the main object of inspiration for designers to express themselves freely. Style Vanguard's United States well-known fashion designer Marc Jacobs

Jacobs designed several high heels recently nike air max herren günstig    unveiled at New York fashion week, has attracted attention because these shoes take traditional design, without any supporting structures at the back heel move, prostrate beneath the foot. Models high heels should have been called "free heel",nike air max bw damen    who skipped part of the shoe to the end because they don't have the heel for support in the traditional sense. The so-called "heel" in fact, is an extension of sole, it is about 10 cm long

were fixed on the toe box, level back out. People standing as a "heel" overall, fixed arch upwards angle. High heels shaped like a flat as a whole the nike air max skyline damen     lowercase letter "r", unique. "No"-type heels in United States listed ordinary retail price of US $ 270 each style, with Swarovski crystals, Deluxe sells for $ 330. Popular high heels to Jacobs mixed reviews, many foot specialists that design was unhappy with.


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