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"Kobe" 9th generation boots sent Jay Chou and Wilber
« on: February 05, 2015, 07:16:43 PM »

"Kobe" 9th generation boots sent Jay Chou and Wilber, According to reported, Los Angeles Lakers team "small fly Grand" Bryant although due to hurt cannot play,  nike flyknit lunar 2      but PR also is according to do, will he of Bryant latest of 9th generation sneakers, generous gave once and he cooperation of Jay, and childhood and Bryant photo had of will pan Bai; will pan Bai received zhihou immediately took down, immediately put in himself of micro Bo Shang, and happy to said, "Kobe really intimate. "" Kobe "9th generation boots sent Jay Chou and Pan Wei Bai Kebi sent wishes, past advertising had cooperated and Kobe beverages, and than the ball to each other, establish some friendships, and his 9th generation shoes listed soon, decided to give friends and his custom-made shoes, Jay is one of them. The NBA star in good faith, not only sneakers packed, but there's also autographed cards.

 Not just for Jay, Wilber has received this gift, opened after the discovery is the latest sneakers, he hurriedly happily taking pictures and photos on Twitter, saying Bryant really intimate. Kobe Jay Chou and Wilber's card, greetings vary, you see the "black Mamba" gift item. "Kobe" 9th generation boots sent Jay Chou and Pan Wei Bai Kebi boots for Wilber Wang has also worked with Bryant out of advertising in the past, adidas running shoes     and this time sent Wang shoes activity whether it is unclear. "Kobe" 9th generation boots sent Jay Chou and Pan Wei Cupressaceae troubled than injury potential this season, also has new ideas for future planning, the future is not participating in this season's all-star game, even the 2016Olympics won't compete but will still go cheer for compatriots, he also joked about this, going to see Spain teammate Pau Gasol took a silver medal. Women of all ages wear different shoes, women always to that pair of exquisite high heels is hard to resist. Its mysterious, alluring, and for selection of high heel is often associated with a person's age, hobby-related. 20 years of your personality, beautiful than day. Little more than 30 years you rational, think twice before doing it.

Age of 40 you like a ripe fruit, Ming knows life accidents. Women of all ages wear different shoes 20 years old, I want the eye! Fit height: 7--15 cm 20, few of us really know how to dress to match, good-looking, personality, fashion is synonymous with our style. So at this time, we are free to wear their favorite costumes, 10-15 cm in height, I believe. 30 years old, matured was my best friend for height: 5--7 cm 30 years old you, matured, because truly understand life, understand that the family, learned society, to understand the value of your life. 30 year old woman is the Peony, not like making love rose too, quite unlike the Lotus was too youthful, trials and hardships of experience is her growing wealth. Independent, mature is that they do best. 40 age, temperament decided all for height: 3--5 cm 40 age of woman as spent, often speech 20 age of woman is a as spent of age, but beautiful in the missing connotation, 40 age of woman experience has again and again of life baptism, and like a bottle fine of vintage wine, products not finished of delicious; 40 age of woman mentality more calm and serene, that dignified of demeanor, and manners means long, temperament is they of magic. We might be or are going through this journey of 20, 30, 40, is growth and accumulation of unchanged. We do not believe in love, but women with shoes, it was love at first sight, not only comfort but also your inner spring Huan Qiu-Bai, snow Lotus.


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