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"Addie" exit sponsored tournament exposure
« on: February 08, 2015, 07:00:18 PM »

"Addie" exit sponsored tournament exposure other motives. Chinese football is always like an exciting suspense movies, until the very last moment I do not know the ending. The 2015 Asian Cup, Chinese team tournament three straight WINS, is history best result in Asian Cup group match,  nike free run 2     which instantly makes the commercial value of Chinese national men's team "overwhelmed". When the end of last year, the shirt sponsor Nike for 12 years and 1 billion yuan signed when State-owned full, someone joked, rotten level of football, selling price, it was big. However, when the group stage of the tournament, Mr Brandt, Nike's logo exposure surges, and someone shouted: the team is worth well over 1 billion yuan, and Nike is "make big". "Addie" exit-sponsored tournament exposure other motives, however, January 22 Chinese team in the finals, in an 0:2 loss to Australia, lost. But broke into the knockout stages, is already the last three Asian Cup record times, Nike also ends here. But as countries attach great importance to the football, all sectors of the community on the development of Chinese football is in investing

 you can imagine that Chinese soccer is about to usher in a new period of development. One detail is that CCTV even took out prime time to broadcast China's Amateur Football League. At this time, people can not help but think that Nike is from the hands of old rivals adidas "taking back" the sponsorship. At a time when Chinese football spring is around the corner, adidas has ended cooperation with the national  nike free run 3      team for more than 30 years, Zen title sponsorship rights to the national team to give rival Nike, is this step by missteps, or a blessing in disguise?National soccer team is the commanding Heights "is simply incredible. "The key way CEO Zhang Qing to adidas, a sports consultancy is no longer renewing the team sent out so much emotion. Late last year, adidas and football contract will soon expire, would come a adidas renewal of hope by keeping sponsorship and team news. At this point, the old rival Nike's strong intervention, as new partners. Zhang Qing said the national team represents the highest level of national football, adidas gene rooted football

 lose this piece of the market, is losing a strategic point for adidas. Correspondingly, old rival Nike at every step in the Chinese market. "Nike a good example", has become a sports brand slogan. Statistics show that Nike, in addition to the sponsorship team, also has a super-all Club jerseys and equipment interest in, this allows the layout of the Nike football market in China is very complete. For the outside world, "gossip", adidas appears very calm. Adidas Group greater China Gao Jiali, a Managing Director in an email to reporters, reply to reasons for termination: "contract expires that day, so there will always be new negotiations. Each brand will want to maintain or increase their assets. However, the assessment of whether a team or player is also important and consistent brand and sponsorship contracts have to comply with commercial interests. "The implication of course was sponsored Chinese soccer, it does comply with corporate profit-maximizing business logic.Gao Jiali apparently hidden meaning. Many insiders believe he told a reporter, this time, not because of the cancellation, denied that contribution to adidas for Chinese football, also cannot point to the impact for the company. People familiar with the unspoken rules of Chinese football know, in football long 30 years of cooperation with China, adidas is also "hurting".


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