Author Topic: Use Vanitygen to create awesome dogecoin addresses!  (Read 1595 times)

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Use Vanitygen to create awesome dogecoin addresses!
« on: January 24, 2014, 03:26:22 PM »
Hi to all shibes out there,

do you know vanitygen?


What's it?
Vanitygen is a tool which you can use to create (brute force) addresses with a specific format.

How to use?
Download the sourcecode or the precompiled binaries from above. This is a commandline tool so you have to run it the commandline.

Use the following scheme to create a dogecoin address:
Code: [Select]
./vanitygen -X 30 <pattern>
For dogecoins the pattern needs to start with a "D".

Example usage:

Code: [Select]
1 gehaxelt@LagTop ~/coins/vanitygen (git)-[master] % ./vanitygen -X 30 "DDoGE"                                                                                                                                             
Difficulty: 4553521
Pattern: DDoGE                                                                 
Address: DDoGEzH3Q4MoWGunT9o9eTda35Fuc1Y2NZ
Privkey: 6KTPTQfh2Bd3kg6wbwysFTNDAQt6uu1YHSgfNxrziaaSEPZA5hF
./vanitygen -X 30 "DDoGE"  54,65s user 0,81s system 312% cpu 17,737 total

  • The  longer your pattern is, the more time it will take to calculate the right address!
  • Do not share or show the private key with/to anyone!

If case-sensitivity isn't important to you, you can use the "-i" switch, resulting in a much faster calculation of the address.

Code: [Select]
gehaxelt@LagTop ~/coins/vanitygen (git)-[master] % ./vanitygen -X 30 -i "DDoGE"
Difficulty: 1138380
Pattern: DDoGE                                                                 
Privkey: 6KhEUcfJj8Vhf9prEveYT5oc925RVDbHhUpjY5uMDRk13ocjig2
./vanitygen -X 30 -i "DDoGE"  12,17s user 0,08s system 337% cpu 3,630 total

For other switches and options check "./vanitygen" or "oclvanitygen" if you have a compatible GPU.

How to import?
That's quite simple.
Just run:
Code: [Select]
dogecoind importprivkey <privkey> <label>
and you're done :)

Tips: DD1337SjUuu3CDTCfGMPrNnCjve736mZjQ

Post your so cool, very unique, much wow Doge addresses below :)



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