Author Topic: Underclock CPU and have higher CPU usage or stock with lower usage?  (Read 651 times)

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I have been running my 2500k at 4.4GHz and I think 1.3v for the past... over 2 years. I'm not gaming on this computer right now, just mining with GPU, so the extra CPU speed is a waste of power. The CPU usage at that speed fluctuated between 12-17%.

I underclocked and undervolted to 2.5ghz and 1.1v (it's actually showing 1.08v though) and CPU usage is now 25%. This seems to be the same whether or not I use the -H 1 flag to enable multithreaded hashing on the CPU.

I'm thinking that because the voltage is lower, that is the defining factor in how much power is being used, regardless of the CPU usage? The voltages and clocks are all set manually, there is no automatic changing enabled in the BIOS.

If that's the case, I may underclock all the way down to the minimum of 1.6Ghz and 0.9v, though I am still using this computer for daily use with the monitor in the onboard GPU and my GPU card on non-interactive. I think 1.6Ghz would be too laggy for browsing etc, especially if mining alone used 50%+ of what little CPU power is left.
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