Author Topic: Question? Mining with 2-MSI GTX 660 Gaming Edition nvidia cards.  (Read 694 times)

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Hello everyone and thank you for taking time to read my question. At the end of this post i will paste a link with my specs so you can hopefully answer my question. I am wondering why my card #1 is getting over 200 kh but my other card (card 0) is only getting around 30 kh. when i disable the SLI i get the exact same. Card 1 gets 200 and card 0 gets 30. I have an asus sabertooth mobo so i dont think its the pci-e slot. I have tried different configs and get same problem. I add in -d 1. also         -d 1,0. I have disconnected the sli ribbon and ran seperate cuda miner windows changing the -d 0 and -d 1 and changing the workers so same worker is not using both cards. Sorry this is so drawn out but I am new to mining ( obviously I am using nvidia cards). Thanks for all that can help.


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