Author Topic: PSA: Coins earned from pools with different hash rates is negligible  (Read 803 times)

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I run a pool that is not one of the big 3 with over 1 GH/s. We have about 250 MH/s with an average block time around 2 hours right now. These are the most common questions I see asked in IRC.

Why is this block taking so long? You can't predict when a block will be solved. It could be almost immediate, or it could take 10 times longer than the average estimated time for a block. This happens in all pools. We had two blocks solved this morning within 6 minutes of each other, with our estimate for a block around 2 hours. This weekend, we solved 16 blocks in 24 hours. It evens out over time.

Doesn't it make more sense to join a pool with a higher hash rate? Maybe. If you are worried about what you make in the short term, then yes, pools with a higher hash rate will pay you lower, more consistent rewards. Pools with a lower hash rate pay out higher rewards to less people. You can get lucky in the short term and make more than the higher hash rate pool, or you can get unlucky and make less. This also evens out over time. The payout from two pools with a large gap in hash rate over 48-72 hours or so will be almost identical.

Why did I only get N coins from that block? DOGE block rewards are random, currently between 0 and 1 million DOGE per block. Sometimes they will be very small, other times very large, and other times right around what you expect. Again, this evens out over time for an average of 500,000 per block.

Support your locally owned and operated pools.


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