Author Topic: New to mining...Dogecoin question included.  (Read 682 times)

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New to mining...Dogecoin question included.
« on: January 23, 2014, 05:52:11 PM »
Hey all so after giving up on Bitcoin mainly due to the sheer investment upfront to even come out on top...I switched to litecoin(still do mine it) but am now wanting to go mainly with Doge.

So few questions for those if you have time.  I am mining on a p2p pool now but have some questions on which is better for me starting out before I invest more money in a gpu's.

1. using dogsled p2p pool after some friendly help on reddit and adjusting my difficulty rating I am now mining there.  BUT after 2 hours mining I have not received any payment to my wallet.  seems these p2p pools have no forums in general to ask questions etc to pool members.

So is there a time limit to stick with a pool and hope for the best?

2. For someone starting out are p2p pools better in the long run(as I was told they are) or should I go with a multipool(think that is what its c alled) specially if low kh rate?

3. I am willing to invest in some 290x's 3 on my motherboard and mine my brains out but testing waters here and seeing how this p2p works or perhaps its the p2p pool im in and why I am not getting anything?

Thanks in advance to what may seem easy answers to my questions.



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