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my guide to make free bitcoin on twitter
« on: March 17, 2014, 10:41:35 AM »

I am writing this guide to try to show people how anyone with a little determination can make free bitcoins from using CoinURL, Twitter, and Twitterfeed for total free automation. With this method you can set it and forget it and watch the bitcoin roll in, the bigger audience you are broadcasting to, the faster it comes.  I make .01 btc a day, which is about $6 a day right now. Although I know eventually bitcoin will be at $10,000 a coin so I look at .01 as $100.
I started slow with this method and slowly built up enough twitter followers and got enough exposure to start earning .01 bitcoin per day.

Step one
CoinURL is a service where you can have banners, links, and website stuff, all kinds of things that you can use to monetize your site and get bitcoin payments for doing it. For my method I only used the link shortening service, but you can make it your own and use all the other devices they have available as well. If you do, post them here so everyone can benefit.
I would appreciate it if you want to use my referral link, but of course you don’t have to. And as always if you need help to get started or along the way PM me.
Ok once you sign up with CoinURL;

Step Two
Decide on a niche or category of information that you would like to promote on twitter and start following people around that niche. So for example if you are going to tweet about tech stuff, start following Microsoft, Apple, etc. Use or other similar follow me services to start building your account followers up.
I started with 5 twitter accounts and have now expanded to 15. It takes a few minutes to make an email and then register a twitter account to it. If you have time make one every day, that’s just more accounts to spread your coinurl links on and load into twitterfeed.
Also a good idea to do is to go to seoclerks and buy some followers just to make your twitter accounts seem reputable. But it is better to build real followers and not use these services, but on the other hand I think it’s good to fork up the 2 bucks for a few thousand followers just so your account has clout from the start.

Step 3
Sign up for Google alerts!
Google Alerts is a sweet service where you can put alert keywords in and a few settings and Google will create RSS feeds of any alert you create. Again just use words relative to your niche market and make around 10 or so RSS feeds. These are the first RSS feeds we will load into Twitterfeed.

Step 4
Sign up for a twitterfeed account.  Twitterfeed is a great service where you can post RSS feeds into your twitter accounts. It supports as many accounts as you want, and will even do facebook and LinkedIn postings. It will automatically check the RSS feeds every 30 minutes (up to 3 hrs, just change your setting) and tweet the title and a link to your twitter accounts. Use the link shortening api from coinurl so it automatically uses your coinurl links on any tweets twitterfeed creates.
Another cool thing about twitterfeed is that it will find the rss feed of websites for you, so say you want to tweet any news story that CNN posts on its website, just put in for the feed address and click check rss feed. It will automatically find the RSS feed for you. This comes in very handy because you can just hook up a ton of news sites, blogs, message boards, etc  and tweet anything they post with YOUR coinurl link.  Fantastic right? 

Step 5

Just keep gaining followers, creating more twitter accounts if you wish or growing your existing ones. you can watch all your clicks come in real time on coinurl, and the great thing is they don’t even have to click skip ad, once they click your link on twitter they credit you bitcoin. I have a firewall at work and if I click one of my coinurl shortened links, it shows our firewall message and STILL I get credit for the click. They are not very crazy like some of these companies that don’t want to credit your clicks. Also the same person can click on 100 of your links if you want! Just one person per link per day.

CoinURL lets you shorten 10000 links per day. So it’s very very scalable. If I wasn’t already working 60+ hours a week I would be putting more and more time into this because it has only gotten bigger as my twitter accounts have grown and I get more and more clicks.

Also a tip, if your niche isn’t working out, change it up and see if you get better results.

The great thing about this method is it cost $0 and basically anyone can do it. And the twittersphere is so large no one gets in each other’s way.

PM me for any questions
Have fun guys.


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