Author Topic: Kh/s, Mh/s, Gh/s and ASIC hardware?  (Read 1704 times)

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Kh/s, Mh/s, Gh/s and ASIC hardware?
« on: January 02, 2014, 06:43:14 AM »
Hi all, I have a few questions, being new to the crypto-currency mining community.

First of all, I run cgminer 3.6.0, (it was recommended over later versions on the tutorial that helped me set it up), and I've tried it under both Windows 7, and Linux Mint KDE 15, and my system has both an APU and an HD 7850.  Under Windows, cgminer uses both APU and 7850, giving me 50Kh/s and 305Kh/s, respectively.  Under Mint, (which I'm still having some issues with in regard to the 7850), it only mines on the APU, but it reads 75Mh/s.  Clearly it (the APU) is not doing that much better under Linux, so should I chalk that up to a typographical error in the client?

Also, in regards to ASIC hardware, when I see one rated for 10Gh/s, is that really going to outpace my 7850 by the orders of magnitude I think it will, or is it another issue like above, and will probably only do 30x better?

In addition, is it considered kosher to use ASIC on lower-difficulty coins such as Doge and Moon?

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Re: Kh/s, Mh/s, Gh/s and ASIC hardware?
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2014, 09:37:10 AM »
Not really sure why it will not use both APU and GPU on linux, probably a driver issue. But just to check, try running 'sudo aticonfig --initial --adapter=all' then reboot the machine.

As for ASIC, its not proven how well these will work yet as AFAIK no one has build a working model yet. Its all just prototyped atm. But yes a 10GH/s ASIC would leave your card for dead. But people already have 10GH/s rigs so its nothing major like ASICs were for Bitcoin.
The main thing about an ASIC for Scrypt coins is the power savings, a 10GH/s rig would use something like 3kWh of power where an ASIC from the numbers I have seen (again this is all prototype, the real thing may use much more or less even) will be around 1/3 of that.
Unless they are doing very small batches, just look at BFL ASIC for bitcoin it took them alot longer than they expected to get them to market. Again ASIC for Scrypt wont be a huge game changer as it was for Bitcoin.

In addition, is it considered kosher to use ASIC on lower-difficulty coins such as Doge and Moon?

Mining is a business, there is no such thing as Kosher :)
Also Moon is a pure pump'n'dump coin, it should be dead soon value wise.


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