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hash rates (noob questions)
« on: January 03, 2014, 02:29:16 AM »
so today i got a r7790-1gd5/oc card and started mining coins but my hash rate is all over the place... it varies by 100 kh/s or more. i over clocked it a bit and lowered the memory. it got a bit better after that but it looks like im pushing 144-250 kh/s according to the pools website.. im using GUIminer but not really sure what im doing. my buddy has been into this stuff for years and was a bit confused about the setup.. he had to remote in and work on it for about and hour before it was up and running... not really sure if there i much i can do to smooth out the hash rate but would love to hear some ideas thanks guys ~hotlavamike
example: when i started typing this i was at 238 kh/s when i finished i was at 140 kh/s (roughly 4 minuites)


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