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Amazon EC2 mining - My experience
« on: December 29, 2013, 09:58:44 PM »
After reading a post on setting up mining on Amazon EC2 I tried and failed to set it up as it was written. However, I did get ot working after some bashing around. Here is what to do. If it is worth doing will be after....

I am making the assumption that you are using Windows. Linux users would be well suited to use their package manager to install EC2 CLI tools as well as SSH.

1. Install the Windows Amazon EC2 Command Line Interface )start here And the Install process is here

2. Download Putty or another SSH client

3. Set up your EC2 account.

4. When everything is working, launch a new instance and search for the Amazon Machine Image (AMI). I used ami-019db468 a search in the community AMI will show what images are available on your region (note, there is no AMI in Asia/Sydney)

5. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Chose a GPU instance otherwise the setup will not work

6. Start the instance. Ideally chose a spot instance otherwise you will pay premium for the instance. Prices flutuate , currently on US East region the prices are:

us-east-1a   0.0575
us-east-1c   0.0575
us-east-1d   0.0575

Otherwise you will pay $US6 an hour (which I did at first....such wor)

The instance will not start immediately, keep an eye on the AWS console

7. Putty needs a different key pair format than what Amazon uses. so dont forget to download the secret key and convert it with the putty utility.

8. Log into the instance, and edit cudait file in the root directory (not the root home directory!). Add your mining url and credentials.

9. In theory the cudait file will be read and execute automaticly. Most likely it will not due to the cudaminer flags in the cudait file. Remove it and let the system detect the hardware.

10. cudait may still not be working. Check your mining pool portal to see if the worker is active. If not run cudaminer interactively (rememebr to add the cudaminer path into your path environment or change into the directly depending on your linux fu). Your mining pool should have the startum/tcp address and port number and how to send credentials

11. You should now be mining and seeing the results scroll down the screen. If you got cudait set up correctly, you can "tail" the runit.log or runit file (or whatever you directed the output).

Is it worth it?

Most likely no.

Amazon uses nVidia graphic cards. The instance I ran was doing nicely, but in real terms only 2 times the speed of my GTX 650 Ti. And this was only 2 gpu, the spot instance I tried setting up only had one gpu. And the normal rate is $6 per hour, so no way is it cost effective.

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