Author Topic: [ANN] [BETA] Medusa Miner v0.0.6 - Lightweight, Powerful Miner  (Read 2009 times)

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Medusa Miner has been named and can be downloaded from

Medusa Miner is a lightweight multi-algorithm crypto coin miner, it has been designed to be an 'all in one' that supports GPU's and ASICS alike.
This takes the confusion out of choosing a miner when you are new to the crypto currency world.
Open Source - So you can see the ins and outs (Source will be available after beta stage)
Lightweight - Small in size and fast in nature
Multi-Algorithm - Support for SHA-256, SCRYPT, SCRYPT-N, SCRYPT-JANE, X11, X13, CHACHA(NF13), CHACHA(NF15), KECCAK
Coin Algorithm - MyriadCoin (Groestl), Fuguecoin, DarkCoin, QubitCoin, GroestlCoin, Quark, INKcoin, MaruCoin, Twecoin, Sifcoin, AnimeCoin
AutoTune - AutoTune to find the best settings for your GPU
ASICs - Support for the latest ASICS

You Decide - What do you want added? Let us know!
Or our marketing guys on jbradfield, archwallop


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