Author Topic: [ANN][DOGE][POOL] Texas - Dallas / Fort Worth P2Pool Node - 1% FEE - LOW LATENCY  (Read 1226 times)

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   DOGE / Dogecoin P2Pool Mining Pool Server and Node

   This server is in North Central Texas and should provide low latency for the following residents:
      DFW and surrounding areas: Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton
      As well as:   Houston, Austin, Waco, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Arkansas.

   This is the most efficient way to mine crypto currency.

   Connection Details:
Code: [Select]
   Stats / Web Frontend:

   Pool Information:
      - 1% p2pool node fees
      - PPLNS payout
      - Direct payouts to your wallet

   No Registration Required. Just authenticate with your wallet.

   Please note:
      P2Pool payments can take up to 24 hours to ramp up after you start mining, please wait this long before seeking assistance
      Payouts require that you solve at least one share of difficulty greater than the P2Pool share target per day.
      Decreasing intensity can help your stale rates massively, and will improve your payouts in most cases.
      You will notice an increased stale rate in your miner compared to a traditional pool, this is normal and expected behaviour for P2Pool (~5-10%)

   Dogecoin Information:

      Please keep in mind that it takes a lot of effort to setup, operate, and maintain the network, servers and pools.


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