Author Topic: Selling Specialty Japanese-flavored KitKats with worldwide shipping for Ðogecoin  (Read 374 times)

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I've transacted over Ð1,000,000 in successful business at Reddit's Ðogemarket!  For my verification thread and current pricing, visit my Ðogemarket ad:

New Policy:  Only selling in blocks of 2+ boxes.  It's difficult for me to send too many packages and the amount I make for 1 box shipments is like, $2.  It's just not worth the effort right now.  At some point in the future I hope to resume smaller orders.

My personal favorite choice is the Eastern Regional pack.  Huge flavor, Soybean Mash is a shockingly good winner, Apple is incredible, Azuki Sandwich is great, and Hot Pepper is the star.  Wasabi's milder than you'd think.

2/23 4am JST, worldwide shipping included:

2 boxes: **Ð31k**

3 boxes: **Ð40k**

4 boxes: **Ð50k**

5 boxes: **Ð59k**

More Boxes: Ask!

Faster shipping is available but is substantially more expensive. (10-15k more doge generally depending on shipment size.)


One of the lesser-known things about Japan is their obsession with kitkats.  There's a cavalcade of regional flavors and styles.  Many of these styles are strange.  All of them are interesting.

The insides of the boxes are beautifully presented, with **12, not 6!  such surprise, many value.**~~6~~ 2-bar individually wrapped packs [displayed nicely].

Comment and PM with what you're interested in purchasing and I'll reply with a price quote / estimated shipping time.  Price will be pegged to current doge value plus a fairly-reasonable markup based on how annoying doing all of this stuff is.

The packages consist of **24 freaking bars which I have only just realized!!!!!** ~~12~~ mini bars -- each mini bar is ~.4oz:

**Specialty Kitkat Flavors, listed in order of popularity with previous purchasers**

* [Eastern Regional Pack (FOUR~~Two~~ bars each of Azuki, Apple, Wasabi, Soybean Mash, Strawberry Cheesecake, Hot Pepper)]

* [Western Regional Pack (FOUR~~Two~~ bars each of Citrus, Cinnamon, Purple Potato, Green Tea, Roasted Tea, Strawberry)]

* [Special Green Tea Blend]

* [Strawberry]

* [Hot Pepper(really good)]

* [Apple]

* [Azuki Sandwich (red bean)]

* [Strawberry Cheesecake]

* [Roasted Green Tea]

* [Soybean mash]

* [Rum Rasin]

* [Wasabi]

* [Purple Potato]

* [Cinnamon]

* [Citrus Blend]


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