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Selling: Experimental Electronic Music tracks
« on: December 20, 2013, 09:07:15 AM »
So a couple of years I ago this old shiba decided to make some experimental electronic music. I've gotten some good feedback on the tracks, but I was really wondering if there's any interest at all on my tracks from the doge community!

I am only accepting doge as a proof that doge is the only real currency and we are shooting to the moon (and uranus!), so why not have the first electronic music as the soundtrack for the trip? :D

Per track: Ɖ1000
All tracks: Ɖ12000 doge (14 tracks, discount if you buy all!)

You can listen to them for free here:

My music style: so hip, much experiments, such minimal, many enjoy

PM if you're interested to buy. filetype is .wav


edit: already sold the first tracks to an user over at dogelist. proof
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