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So I've been cranking away at this for... a LONG time tonight. Basically I've been re-flashing friends/families my own routers for many uses over the years... a few days ago it occurred to me that there may be a business there. There is a company already doing this but they charge OUTRAGEOUS prices for the service.

In comes Dogecoin and the gears start turning... we need to move Dogecoin, there needs to be things to buy with it for it to thrive. So, I'm staking my corner of the Doge market.

The sites pretty plain jane, and I have a bit more tweaking to do but I can barely even see straight at this point. I'd love to hear what you think, and more importantly what do you want me to offer? I'd love to hear the input!
Also, if you offer something that you would think would compliment this, or there's a product you want to see not listed on the site feel free to let me know! Oh, and if you're a graphic designer that can design a logo and make the site look not-as-shitty also please feel free to get in touch!


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