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[WTS] Precision Power PSC-221 Phase shifters for sale
« on: December 17, 2013, 07:18:58 AM »
This is a rare, high end piece of professional car audio equipment for either sound quality competitions or SPL competitors looking to squeeze out extra SPL from a multiple sub woofer installation (if you have more than 2 subs).

A couple years ago, Precision Power released a product which was the first of it’s kind on the market. A truly simplistic device, the PSC (Phase Shift Controller) is designed to be flexible and extremely versatile. The PSC is a two channel device which will allow you, through the use of a pair of analog control knobs, to delay the signal that passes through the device. Unlike some other units on the market which will delay one signal from another, you can use the PSC to enact an independent adjust on each channel. You could even delay the signals the same amount of you choose, Lets look at two applications for this unit, and thus explain how it works. The application for which the PSC was originally conceived was a typical mobile audio system. A front stage comprising two co-axial or component speaker sets, and subwoofers mounted in the rear of the vehicle. The draw back to this system is that because, in most vehicles, you sit much further from the subwoofers that you are from the front stage speakers, you hear the front stage before the subwoofers, causing a blurring of the frequencies around the crossover point, and can even lead to cancellation, Audio Control has considered this fact, and incorporated an alignment device into their 24XS crossover. You can use it to delay the signal going to the amplifier for the front stage to clean up the bass/midbass transition, PPI has taken this concept one step further. Not only will the PSC allow you to delay both the front left and front right signals, but you still have independent control of each of the channels. Consider speaker locations are far from optimum for a good sound stage. The left speaker is usually MUCH closer to the driver, than the right, and the angle of the speaker mount does little to help produce a good front stage. To satisfy peoples desire for a good front stage, and still allow for a stealth installation, the PSC-221 can be used to delay the front speaker signals. If you delay the left front speaker the most, then the right front a bit less, you will find that all the music, from all the speakers (left, right and subs) arrives at your ears at the same time. Why is this good? Our brain calculates the difference in arrival times from one ear to the other to locate objects. If you hear a sound directly in front of you, the sound will hit both ears at the same time. As the sound moves off to one side or the other, the sound arrives at one ear before the other, and our brains can instantly calculate the origin of the sound. By establishing equal arrival times from our front speakers to our ears, it will appear as you are located directly between the front speakers. The second application for the PSC is in woofer alignment. Alma Gates’ Ford Bronco uses 8 PSCs to align the information from each bank of subwoofers so that the pressure wave arrives at the microphone location simultaneously. Multiple PSCs can be used in a sound quality system featuring 3 way design, You can delay the midbass and midrange/high frequency signals to further improve the system accuracy. During my testing, using the unit’s bypass switches (one per channel) for comparison, I noted a clear increase in stage height and depth. The images were more focused and evenly spaced across the soundstage. If adjusted properly, you could also make the subwoofer disappear, allowing the bass frequencies to appear to come from the front of the car.

The unit you are bidding on is in the hammered metal gray in color. I ran 8 of these at one time, but no loner have quite as extensive system, so here's two of them. Retail is $389.00.

Listing 1 of 2
Listing 2 of 2

These are quite esoteric pieces of kit, but would make a great gift for someone who is into car audio.
Original retail was $389US.  Offered at 1M Doge each, free shipping. 

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