Author Topic: WTS 200,000 DOGE for $0.60/1000 DOGE  (Read 451 times)

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WTS 200,000 DOGE for $0.60/1000 DOGE
« on: January 03, 2014, 07:11:41 PM »
Since I'm new to this forum, I can go first to anyone that has a good reputation. If you are new like I am, I would like you to go first or use increments/escrow. I have sold a few thousand DOGEs on eBay, but they caught me in my shenanigans and took down my listing. Here is proof of both:

I would like to receive payment as paypal gift. You can either buy the whole 200,000 for $120 or buy little bits of it for $0.60/1000 DOGE

Send a PM if you are interested :)

Thanks and have fun.

Edit: I just want to put this out here. Currently working out a deal with jinx. I have sent the coins to his address with transaction ID 2db8cca5b9b088b9bae9d7dc3b15d13a5ab231d25c8990bca2a085d5c2c1a2d0 but have yet to receive payment yet (although he is offline at the time of editing this). He has good rep so I assume it's a paypal issue.
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