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Why use a P2P pool?
1. No registration required, all you need is your payout address
2. Because the pool is decentralised, even if the pool server is compromised, your Doges cannot be stolen
3. Higher payouts to miners - miners get the transaction fees from the block

How does it work
P2Pool nodes each maintain what is known as a "share-chain", it is very similar to the blockchain used by Bitcoin and Dogecoin. However instead of transactions, it stores the payouts to miners. Every P2Pnool node maintains a copy of the share chain and allows mining to be decentralised.

What other stuff should I know?
P2Pools use the PPLN payout system to distribute the payouts. The PPLN system exists to punish pool hoppers - people who switch pools to get the most shares. However this means that slow or very unlucky miners may start to receive payout until after 24 hours.. Once you are listed on the payout page, your payout will grow until it matches your mining speed. You will receive payout for as long as you continue to mine.

This is the only drawback to P2Pools.

Sounds good, how do I get in?
You can easily get in using the P2Pool nodes at

* by crypto49er @,882.0.html
* by jpmorgan @
* by lurkmore @
* by shitpost @

Complete list here:,3091.0.html

I want to start my own node
Check out crypto49er's guide
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