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CharityMiningPools - Donate to Charity while you Mine!
« on: March 04, 2014, 11:42:08 AM »
CharityMiningPools - Donate to Charity while you Mine!

Brand new pool, need miners!  :)

Be a pioneer and help us get started, come mine while making a difference.  

Mandatory 0.5% donation fee goes to the BitGive Foundation this month.  We welcome and encourage you to donate more to a good cause.

STRATUM, VARDIFF, Datacenter Redundant Server Farm, Load Balanced Servers, Frequent Backups
0.5% Mandatory Donation fee to a Good Cause, 0.5% Pool Fees, 0% AP TX Fees

Who Are We?
CharityMiningPools was created to allow miners the ability to mine coins while still knowing that their hashing power is going towards something good.  Our goal is to provide a positive and reliable service while delivering a small portion of the proceeds to a deserving recipient.  Plans are in the works to allow individual miners to choose where they would like to donate to based on a pool of available recipients.

How Does This Work?
All coins minded at CharityMiningPools will require a mandatory 0.5% Donation fee.  This donation fee will be collected and donated to the designated charitable recipient for that given month.  Though we only require a minimum 0.5% Donation fee, we welcome and encourage our miners to raise the stakes and donate more to a good cause.



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