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!!! Big News on our DOGE Pool !!!

  • 1 - Pay Per Share for YOU :
    We are now runnig the DOGE pool with a pay per share (PPS) reward system, which means you get paid hourly for your mining, and you don't mind if the pool finds a block or not.

    You will say "How can you do that ?" This is the result of my thinking about how I would like my future pool to be.
    As a miner (and I am - 6600kHs), I want to be paid when I mine, whatever happened or will happen. So I have funded the pool with enough coins to pay miners during launch time. It's that easy, I take the risk to launch the pool, and you don't mine for nuts.

    I think it's also a good way to make you understand that my goal is not to run away with your new mined coins. In return it would be fair if you stay some time with us. But if being fair is not your business and you need more to stay with us, see point 4 ;)

  • 2 - Welcome Bonus / Giveaway :
    A 174 DOGE reward (yes 174… so what) for the first 174 users who create an account on the pool AND post back to this thread to let me know they register.
    Please fill your DOGE address on the pool account and post here including the same address. That way I know accounts are not fake ones.

  • 3 - Fees :
    0% fees until Feb 14, then we will discuss this point, but no more than 2% (or 0% for you, see point 4).

  • 4 - Jackpot Bonus :
    During launch time, I mean the time before the pool can cover its expenses by itself; and I mean before we get a decent hashtrate :
    • Anyone who finds 1 block on the pool will be rewarded with a one time reward of 1 000 DOGE.
    • Anyone who finds 5 blocks on the pool will be rewarded with a one time reward of 10 000 DOGE.
    • If you find more than 10 blocks on the pool, you will receive permanent 0% pool fees.

  • 5 - And still :
    • SSL Thawte certificate.
    • Stratum Vardiff
    • Clean and intuitive frontend, fully compatible with mobile devices.
    • 2 dedicated hosted servers (EU based) + 2x 400Mbit/s to internet.
    • 1Gbps private connection between servers.
    • Dedicated Ddos protection.
    • Online support for any questions.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions and Welcome aboard


Create your account at
and point your miner to

Code: [Select]
./cgminer --scrypt  -o stratum+tcp:// -u <login>.<worker name> -p <worker password>
PS : the pool wallet has been updated to v1.5. Do the same NOW to avoid chain forks. Get Dogecoin 1.5 here

CATCOIN : (Prop - 0% fees - SSL)
NYANCOIN : (Prop - 0% fees - SSL)


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