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Dogecoin -

What sets us apart? We mine for GOOD! It isn't just a slogan! We are a Christian organization, and we believe in letting our light shine. You can mine with us and know that your fees and donations will be doing good work.

30% of all proceeds are donated to the following charities:
  • 15% to Lifewater International (Help eliminate water-borne disease and help people get access to safe water)
  • 15% to Samaritan's Purse (World disaster relief)
That's 30% directly off the top before we pay bills or ourselves. We believe in supporting the mining community and we believe in the future of crypocurrency - like you do, so let's work together and do good while we're at it.
We'll give you 100% transparency with everything we do. Every month we will release a statement detailing collected fees, donations, expenses, profit, and donations.

PLUS Monthly Contests
Let's have some fun while we mine. We're offering monthly perks to those who donate and go above and beyond the fee (JTeam members are not eligible). We will draw 5 miners from across all of our pools - they will receive 2X their donation amount as a prize.

The Basics
1% pool fee, PPLNS, Stratum - VARDIFF

Dogecoin -
Join us and Mine for Good!


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