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Hi all,

I would like to share with you a new European / French p2pool Node :)

* Node is in datacenter,
* 100 Mbps internet connection,
* Anti-DDOS Protection,
* Triple electrical supply,
* Monitoring & on-site technicians GIT 24/7,
* 99.9% network SLA,
* 1% fee (with regular donations : not in place but planned  8))
* No registration

Just start mining!

Code: [Select]
cgminer --scrypt -o -u YOUR_DOGE_ADDRESS -p x
Code: [Select]
cudaminer -o -O YOUR_DOGE_ADDRESS:x

For DOGE stats go to =>
For support => or irc #dogecoin or here :)
For more informations =>

Happy Mining !

Frequently Asked Questions (please refer to )

Q: "Why does my miner report so many longpoll events when mining on p2pool? - P4Man"
A: "Once every ~10 seconds is normal. That is how often p2pool shares are generated (as opposed to ~10 min for bitcoin blocks) - cabin"

Q: "Do the 'orphan' and 'dead' shares in P2Pool's status display hurt me?"
A: They shouldn't - It's normal for some fraction of everyone's shares to end up orphaned or dead. Because payouts are calculated by counting how many shares you have relative to others, everyone with normal configurations is equally "hurt" by this. However, if you have a large proportion of stales, your payout will be hurt. You can see how well you're doing by looking at P2Pool's "Efficiency" (ex: Efficiency: ~110.6% (40-111%)). If 100% doesn't lie within the confidence interval at the end, something is probably wrong (with 95% confidence).

Q: "What do I do if my efficiency is low?"
A: Make sure the computers you're running P2Pool and the miner on have enough memory and CPU time. If you have a lot of dead shares or the "Local dead on arrival" number is higher than a few percent, that means that something is wrong with your miner. Check to make sure that it is one of the working versions in the Miners section on this page. Lower the intensity or raise the FPS of your miner. If you have a lot of orphan shares, something is wrong with P2Pool's P2P connection. Decrease the load on your internet connection or enable QoS (Quality of Service) on your router.

Q: What is PPLNS?
A: Pay-Per-Last-N-Shares is a payout method that is completely resistant to pool hoppers.

Q: Why am I not getting very many shares?!
A: The P2Pool difficulty is hundreds of times higher than on other pools. It can take time to get a share. P2Pool displays an estimate of how long you have to wait in the console output.

Q: Why does my miner say it has found a lot of shares but p2pool say I have only found a few?!
A: The real P2Pool difficulty is hundreds of times higher than on normal pools, but p2pool essentially lies to your miner and tells it to work on relatively easy shares so that it submits shares every few seconds instead of every few hours. P2Pool then ignores any submitted shares that don't match the real share difficulty. By doing this, P2Pool can more accurately report your local hash rate and you can see if you are having problems with too many stale shares quickly

Q: Why am I getting so many rejects?
A: You're using an incompatible miner. See the miners section here, increase your FPS on the miner, decrease the intensity, upgrade your miner, or try a different miner.

Q: What stops the pool operator or the block finder from stealing a block?
A: A block solution is only worth anything because its hash matches Bitcoin's target. Altering anything within the block will change its hash and make it worthless. If you are concerned about the pool operator stealing a block, you should try to inspect the source code of each new version.

Q: Why does it say "Generated?" I want to spend my coins now!
A: P2Pool includes payouts in generation transactions, which must mature (taking 120 blocks or 20 hours) before they can be spent. The reason for this is that a block could be orphaned, which would make its payout invalid and could reverse transactions.

Q: Do I get paid transaction fees?
A: Yes. They are split among P2Pool miners.

Q: What are these payments I'm getting that aren't generated?
A: These are subsidies that people who support the idea of P2Pool send to miners.

Q: Cool Subsidies sound like an awesome idea! How do I send some BTC to these awesome miners?
A: See end of this page.

Q: Do I really need the WHOLE blockchain?
A: Yes. Your node needs to be able to independently make decisions about what transactions to mine.

Q: How do merged mining payments work?
A: Merged mining is handled entirely by namecoind, so you're solo mining and payouts will go into namecoind's wallet.
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reserved  ;D


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