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Newbs guide to not getting scammed
« on: January 27, 2014, 04:20:47 PM »
Newbs guide to not getting scammed.

Best ways to avoid being scammed. May be a little long of a read, but please do. The number one thing that gets you scammed is greed. The scammer will offer you a much better deal than what is going on usually. But not always. 90% of these scammers are just punks trying to make a quick dollar and just aren't that motivated to be elaborate enough for a good scam, but there are some really good guys at this out there. Additionally, if you're worried about being hacked, don't. The guys that are good enough to hack aren't interested in your small potato's. Their pro's, and do what they do well.

1. NEVER give out any passwords or account information, I know this seems ridiculous to say, but it happens, often.
2. Use escrow. If they won't use escrow, there's a reason for it.
3. Get names, phone numbers, verify they are who they say they are before any money is exchanged.
4. High feedback numbers don't mean anything. Use the 3 generation rule. The 3 generation is to go through their feedback and see what feedback the people that left them have. And see what feedback the people left for the ones that left the feed back, then do this one more time. Time consuming yes, but consider it insurance.
5. Do NOT use paypal gift. You aren't likely to get any money back in the case of a scammer. Just pay the fee if you want to trade this way, it's cheap insurance.
6. If you have to use paypal, do small increments of payment. Give 10% and get 10%, if you do it this way do it in the way to best minimize loss.
7. Google all names and domains given. Run a whois on any personal domains, see who the site belongs to, do your homework.
8. Run a reverse phone detective on all numbers given. If the names are drastically different ie. such as phone may be in a mothers/fathers name, not too different, but in the case of a completely different name, run.
9. Get on the most reputable trading sites there are. Use trusted and verified sellers, yes, they may be selling the same dogecoins for $100 that the other guy is selling for $25, but I'd rather get a fair deal than nothing.

Dogecoins are fun to trade, fun to deal in, and while they aren't going to go through the roof price wise, I believe if you go long in them you can get a decent return on investment.


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